How To Get To Lake Titicaca

To reach any of the 3 islands (Uros, Taquile or Amantani), you’ll first have to go to the Peruvian side of the lake located in Puno, which is easily accessed by bus, plane or train.

By Bus

Bus is the preferred method of transport by travellers, mainly due to the scenery you’ll discover along the way as well as the fact that it helps you acclimatize for higher grounds. Buses come to Puno from all directions, with a couple of companies to choose from.

If in Peru, the best option is Peru Hop. They provide a unique hop-on, hop-off service from Lima, Arequipa and Cusco, allowing you to stay in each city covered however long you want until you reach your final destination. They provide pick-ups/drop-offs to your hostel or hotel, count with onboard bilingual assistance, and offer special discounts on accommodation and restaurants. With over 1,800 reviews on TripAdvisor and a 96% rating, it’s no wonder why their the best option!

If in Bolivia, the sister company Bolivia Hop is one of the best options. Following the same unique style like Peru Hop, they offer the hop-on, hop-off bus transport where you’ll be able to discover amazing places on the way to Puno, even going through the bolivian side of the lake!

By Train

As scenic as travelling by bus, but much more expensive. Only departing from Cusco, one of the options is with Belmond Andean Explorer. Closely resembling a first-class flight, the service features private cabins, a lounge car, an onboard spa and an observation deck to have beautiful views of the Andes Mountain throughout your whole trip.

A slightly cheaper, but still expensive option is PeruRail Titicaca Train. Also departing from Cusco, enjoy what is considered one of the most beautiful train rides, taking in the amazing scenery on the ride.

By Plane

Also on the expensive end of travel, it’s the least popular method of travel to Puno. Mostly due to the fact that the nearest airport is located 44km from Puno, tickets from Lima, Cusco and La Paz can be more than $300 USD. Also, directly flying to higher altitudes (Lake Titicaca is at 3,810m) increase the risk of altitude sickness. Symptoms can include headache, nausea, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, insomnia and more. Bus travel is the safest way, since you’ll slowly ascend altitude and will acclimatize in a better way.

Once in Puno, partake in one of our tours to discover everything the islands have to offer. Learn all about their history, all while experiencing the local culture and traditions passed down from previous generations!

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